Nobody asked me but…

Do you know that Team Spoilers have won 14 straight games at the 2011 FBL Cup?

Also, aside from amassing an impressive 14 straight wins in the FBL Cup, Team Spoilers are also dominating at the 2011 Rudimch Government/Business League tournament where they hold a 9-0 win-loss record beating all their Business League rivals.

(Photo by Segundo 'Doddie' Pineda)

The team now await for the impending cross-over and knockout games at the 2011 Rudimch Cup.

Combining their win totals on both tournaments, Team Spoilers are 23-0 since April 24, 2011.

Nobody asked me either but…

I can’t help but wonder why Western Union and their supporters were somewhat celebrating despite losing 100-93 against the Spoilers.

I no longer play competitive basketball but during my heydays I hate losing.

I take pride in winning, it didn’t matter if it’s backyard basketball, or league basketball, the ultimate goal was to always win the game.

Forgive me for asking this but, have Western Union conceded to the Spoilers?

A lot of people might bash me in the head and say I’m biased but let me get things straight.

I know it’s just one game and the FBL Cup is far from over, but I haven’t seen a team (defending champs no less!) in a jovial mood after taking a critical defeat against a team that could potentially dethrone them as champions.

Have you ever seen Manu Ginobili or Kobe Bryant’s face when their respective teams got beat? (whether if it’s just a regular season game or a playoff game)

If not, you should; because they epitomize what basketball, respect, winning, passion and pride is all about.

If you are happy with your team losing by seven points, something is wrong with you, and someone has to question you’re pride, competitive edge and respect and love for the game of basketball.

Not to boast, but thankfully, Team Spoilers haven’t loss a basketball game in a six-month span.

Here’s to hoping that the trend continues. Go Spoilers Go!