I love to travel, it has always been my passion to go to different places and explore.

In the past, I have toured in my home country the Philippines visiting places like Baguio, Davao City and the Bicol region to name a few.

At the Ocean Park entrance

A few years back, I went out of the country and visited Bangkok Thailand together with some of my close relatives which was an awesome experience.

This latest travel, however, meant a lot because it was the first time that me and my lovely wife traveled together outside the Philippine soil.

To add more excitement to our travel, we decided not to avail a package tour (because I experienced it in Thailand). With a travel package, everything is done at a specific time, not to mention you have to tour together with a few more tourist.

So there it was.

WE decided to explore the streets of Hong Kong on our own!

Our train ride from Hong Kong Island to Hong Kong Central Station.

The train ride going to Hong Kong Central was exciting, a shuttle bus fetched us from Central to the Hotel where we checked in.

Upon arriving at our Hotel room we immediately decided on what do to next. Me and my wife discussed about the possible tourist spots that we must visit to make our stay worth while.

Since Ocean Park is the nearest tourist spot from where we stayed, we went there first and boy it was a lot of fun.

The line going to the rides were long, but it also gave us more time to bond together, and I must say it was worth the wait, and yes, the Dolphin show was awesome too.

Plus it was great to find out that a lot of the performers at the Ocean Park are Filipinos (There was a live band at the Dolphin show and their lead vocalist is Pinoy!)

The ride to the cable car going to the summit was a bit scary, but a nice experience over all. We also rode the water front express (if remembered correctly, and we both got a little bit wet)

Fun times at Ocean Park Hong Kong

And of course the Ocean Park experience will never be complete without visiting the Grand Aquarium were you can find a lot of different sea/ocean creatures up close and personal.

Yup that was a real shark! I took the picture from underneath….

Overall, our first day in Hong Kong was tiring and exciting at the same time and it was all well worth it!

Here are some more photos from our first day at Hong Kong.

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