On April 17, the Palau Badminton Association celebrated the recently concluded tournament with a beach party.  It was a day filled with fun and excitement and moment of bonding for families and friends.

However, the event was marred by an unexpected incident; we almost lost one of our good friend RR. Thankfully we have a nurse and a doctor around. It’s not a stretch to say that he was saved by the immediate response from some of our Filipino friends.

I applaud them for their heroism and determination.

To RR, get well soon! May GOD BLESS YOU and your family. It’s only appropriate that the first words that came out from you’re mouth after regaining consciousness was “THANK GOD!”.

Thank GOD indeed for that blessed day, we saved a life and it felt good!

Now back to some fun… Here is a photo of my Wife and I.San Francisco? Err...

Behind us is the Golden Gate of San Francisco California… Err Palau’s KB Bridge pala! Hahaha!

I hope you guys enjoyed this first post. I’ll try to make a post once a while from here on out! Thanks!