As reported by Spurs Nation, the NBA lockout is forcing the league’s players to look for alternate sources of income this summer.

And some appear to be doing quite well, thank you very much.

Three of the league’s biggest stars reportedly made $400,000 apiece for appearances at exhibition games in the Phillipines over the weekend. reports that Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose each pocketed the mammoth tax-free checks for playing in exhibition games over the weekend.

The big-money earnings can cut a couple of ways. They are making money after NBA owners have locked them out, making it an “in-your-face statement” to league owners by some of its biggest stars.

But it could also be a devisive element for the players. Some of them will be undergoing financial hardship while the league’s biggest stars will keep rolling in money.  That likely won’t be good for union unity as the lockout continues.